Who is Dan Holzmann?

Dan Holzmann As A Passionate Businessman

In the world of business, only the most hardworking remain on the top of the competition. Managing a business is a difficult task; it requires time, effort, skills, and dedication. Are you an aspiring business person who wants to grow your business? Then, this article will inspire you. Dan Holzmann is among the most successful businessmen in the world.

The humble businessman also had humble beginnings. He also encounters mistakes and failures in business in the past years. However, instead of being discouraged, he uses these failures as his stepping stones to improve his skills in the business industry.

Dan Holzmann CEO

Holzmann never gives up for his passion in business

Dan Holzmann, CEO, Partner, and President Europe have been with Juice Plus, from the start and continued to work hard to contribute to the company’s success. The good man has a passion of giving a positive influence on the lives of others.

The best about him is that he treats his co-workers as his own family. He works hard for the success of his team because he knows that teamwork is essential for the success of every business. Despite his success in the industry, he remains humble and respectful to others which everyone admires about him. He is a man that is full of respect and professionalism when treating other people.

Dan Holzmann uses his business to help people from all over the world to experience healthy living. He made efforts to make The Juice Plus Company evolve from a small and direct-selling company into a multimillion-dollar health and wellness company. He always wants to satisfy their customers with the top quality products for their health needs.   

Together with his team in Juice Plus, Dan follows by their company’s core beliefs and principles which include quality, authenticity, longevity, simplicity, community and being approachable. As a business leader, Dan Holzmann never shirks any responsibility and continues to support the growth of their business. He is a businessman that works with his coworkers and customers with a high degree of professionalism and respect.

He also cares for the customers, so he guarantees millions of customers that Juice Plus only uses the best quality ingredients. Their products and supplements in Juice Plus are made from nutrients from vegetables and fruits. 

As a passionate businessman, Dan Holzmann reveals his techniques to succeed in the business industry.

How Dan Holzmann achieve success in his business?

Just like an ordinary man like you, Dan Holzmann also practices individual techniques to make the best out of his business. The following are some of his excellent traits that you can emulate for the success of your business.


Dan Holzmann is a passionate person. One failure never discouraged him from pursuing his dreams. Instead of being down, he learns from his past mistakes and arises with more determination than before. He always has the energy and eagerness to achieve every goal that he has. That’s why he significantly contributes for the successful operation of the Juice Plus, a reputable health, and wellness company.

Dan Holzmann achieve success


As a nobleman, Dan Holzmann is honest with his dealing towards his family, friends, business team as well as customers. He is a man with integrity. He is always himself even no one is watching. He values his good name and solid reputation, so he never does stupid things that can affect the trust of his fellow men.


Despite the success that he has now, he remains humble and kind to everyone. He never forgets to show his support, care, and gratitude for the people. He is a kind-hearted person that only desires to help others in the best possible way.


Dan Holzmann is passionate about his goals in life and never stops to pursue the things that he wants in life. That’s why there is no doubt that he did his business to be successful in the market. His business is not just a career for him, but it is a passion that he really loves to do.


A reputable businessman is a responsible man who never neglects any responsibility. Aside from being a responsible, successful businessman, Dan Holzmann is also a responsible and loving husband. His family is his inspiration to keep going despite the challenges that he confronts in their daily business operations.


Dan Holzmann has true marks of a good leader. His leadership skills are beneficial for the success of his company. He is a good leader and at the same time, a good listener. He always values the opinion of others because teamwork is crucial for growing a business. With his years of experience with Juice Plus, he already acquired the leadership abilities that are essential for the development of their valued business. He understands that the business is an essential investment for their team, so he never gives up on developing more alternative solutions to make the most out of their business.


Dan Holzmann is a well-disciplined man who can handle a negative situation in a positive way. He always thinks the best for others. As a disciplined man, Dan patiently develops the best strategies for the betterment of their business. He focuses on every detail of the work to assure the success of their company.

As the owner and CEO of the Juice Plus company, Dan Holzmann never fails to meet or even exceed the expectations of their millions of customers all over the world. Meanwhile, to know more about the passionate businessman, the following is the exclusive interview with him by The Tennis Foodie.

Juice Plus+

Exclusive interview by Tennis Foodie with Dan Holzmann  

In an exclusive interview with Tennis Foodie, Dan Holzmann shares about his business The Juice Plus. Juice Plus started to come in the European market way back in 1993. He began working in logistics in Switzerland and worked his way up to CEO of The Juice Plus Company Europe. Along the way, he opened a number of European countries, and they are now expanding into the Middle East and Africa in addition to their hugely successful operation outside of EMEA.

The good man is a kindhearted person who wants to improve the lives of others. He even supported Ana Ivanovic on her initial tennis career. He decided to sponsor her because he was amazed by Ana as a person. With this, he couldn’t reject when Ana was introduced to her and asked to help her with her development. Dan Holzmann is a genuinely generous man who wants to make others happy. He helped professionalize things and hired Ana’s first top coach. They had had some good times, especially when Ana attained No. 1  spot in the world and attained Roland Garros.

Tennis and dan holzmann


He also revealed the advantages of JuicePlus compared to the existing vitamins and health supplements in the market. He emphasized their world’s most popular nutritional supplement. JuicePlus capsules are a long-term investment in people’s health and are the next best thing to fruits and vegetables. They have more than a million customers in the world who are satisfied with the benefits of Juice Plus.

Their top three best sellers include capsule blends- vegetable, fruit, and berries. It remains to be their No. 1 bestsellers. Their Complete shake mix is also very popular, especially with those who work out and require additional protein. The protein is plant-based, and it tastes great.

He gives some advice for aspiring tennis athletes, especially on nutrition and health. He also implied that he saw kids begin to take their health and nutrition seriously at a younger age nowadays. That’s a nice thing, especially if they are playing tennis fun and enjoyment-to become a professional is really hard, and he would not encourage anyone to neglect their studies in order to be a professional unless they are already competing on the world stage. He would also recommend JuicePlus capsules to young sportspersons: probably the most common benefit he heard from their customers is the energy that the capsules give to the body resistance, which is crucial for sportspeople, especially those who travel frequently.    

To sum it up, if you want to be a successful businessman like Dan Holzmann, you need more dedication and hard work to succeed. Dan Holzmann is an icon of inspiration and motivation for the people of all ages. He can be your role model to be a successful businessman. Like him, you can also succeed if you implement his business techniques.


The Science behind Juice Plus+ and & Institute

At first, the effects of Juice Plus+ on the human body were unknown. Convinced in scientific research, Juice Plus+ decided to do clinical studies and I remember a first clinical study. The results were so encouraging that the company continued to develop its products and carry out scientific studies. Today, there are 34 clinical studies that prove that the product truly has a great effect. Juice Plus+ is the first company of its kind that invests so much in assuring the quality of its products and to make sure that what is on the label is really in the products.

From seed to plant to human body. Founded on a rich history of more than 20 years
of objective scientific research, funded by the Juice Plus company:
The Juice Plus Science Institute is dedicated to discovering and unlocking the power of plant-based nutrition. A collaboration with some of the world’s most prestigious scientists and researchers that are helping increase our understanding of the powerful impact that plant-based nutrition can have on human health at every stage of life.

I think the mission of the Institute can be answered with four C’s:
To collect scientific data and evidence on plant-based nutrition research, to conduct research on plant-based nutrition, to collaborate with other institutions or academics and to communicate the evidence that can be found.

We do not intend that the research will be just limited on Juice Plus, we want to go beyond this: Conducting reviews and on fruit and vegetable intake doing research on seeds and things like that. So the Juice Plus science institute is a perfect combination. It’s pretty unique and it’s really needed and the general public can benefit from it.

Whether you’re a scientist, a health professional or a student of the biological sciences, the Juice Plus Science Institute can provide you with a curated window into

the science of plant-based nutrition from seed to plant to the human body.

How the CHS supports children and families

Products of Juice Plus

Without children there is no future, that’s a fact. Our CHS, our children’s health study, has proven that children’s behavior can change when they take Juice Plus. It is the world’s largest observational study and it is hard to believe, but after only a few months over 80 percent of children have developed an increased health awareness. More than 60 percent eat healthier. This means they eat less fast food and drink less sugared drinks. More than half of the children also eat more fruit and vegetables.
Dan holzmann and Juice Plus are very proud of it. Around one million families have participated to date and thousands more are joining every month.

So we were the first company doing the biggest study in the world with kids.

Thanks a lot for reading about Dan holzmann.

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