The wikipedia history of Dan Holzmann

If you want to know where you are headed, you have to know your history. Therefore, to understand one’s vision, you have to understand where the company and the people who drive the company come from. As a driver of innovation of change at Juice PLUS+, Dan Holzmann is the right person to have a closer look at. In this blog article you get an insights about Dan Holzmann and his career and vision for Juice Plus+, but be sure to also check a the Dan Holzmann Wikipedia entry about Juice Plus+.

The wikipedia history of Dan Holzmann

The National Safety Associates, the company selling Juice Plus+, started originally on a completely different path. Founded in the 1970s it sold fire protection systems and water filtration products. It was in 1993 when NSA started to shift its focus towards health and prevention. That’s when things really started to kick off.

In 1993, Juice Plus+ was introduced in Europe. While everyone thinks about their health today, that was not the case for many people. The main spark came from the insight that without health, everything else becomes secondary.

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At that time Dan Holzmann was still working in logistics for NSA in Switzerland. He quickly climbed the ladder of the company and took large responsibilities in coordinating the business operations of Juice Plus+ in the company’s European subsidiary. With the years he made it to the CEO of the Juice PLUS+ Company Europe.

The company took a big step in 2013 when Juice PLUS+ merged and became a global company. That was also the time when the product became very popular in Italy and Spain.

You see, there’s an incredible story behind Juice PLUS+. When it was launched two decades ago, no one was aware of the potential the products could unfold. In just 20 years, the company has managed to become the market leader in this sector. Having shaped the company success for more than 20 years, Dan Holzmann can proudly say that Juice Plus+ is successfully active in prevention in 27 countries spanning over four continents. If you want to learn more about this topic, read this Wikipedia entry.

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A look at the moment: Where does Juice Plus+ stand?

So where to go from this already huge success? Dan Holzmann’s announced goal is to reach 1% of the world public with the product. That means that he wants 1% of the world population to consume Juice Plus+ products. A very ambitious goal if you think that this means around 70 million customers. And the health is a market that has this huge potential. Find out here what drives Dan Holzmann to be so passionate about his job.

Where does Juice Plus+ stand
Where does Juice Plus+ stand?

Why such a huge potential for these products? It’s because we humans have understood in the last decade that it is worth preventing diseases instead of waiting to become sick. Our fast paced lifestyle demands a lot from us. We’re stressed. We’re busy. We spend a lot of time in front of our computers. We do many things for performance and efficiency. But people realize that and want to lead a more balanced life. That’s what Dan Holzmann realized for himself. And the trends shows that: A recent study in Germany has shown that every second citizen has decided to exercise more or to eat healthier. Every third even wants to lose weight. This trend is reflected in the success of Juice Plus+. Since its launch, the company has been moving toward sales of 10 billion USD.

Success of Juice Plus+

While it’s an established brand, nine out of ten people in the world don’t know Juice Plus+ yet. And Dan Holzmann promised that he won’t rest until he has turned that statistic around.

The future of Juice Plus+

The huge success lead to becoming a global company where growth is a constant. With almost thousand staff members around the world over 26 countries and heading towards 1 Billion a year in volume in the world Juice Plus+ has a huge responsibility. Even more so that its planned goal is to paying out 460 Millions in commission every year when reaching the 1 Billion goal. Many families depend on these commissions. So the company needs to be smart and to look ahead.

The future of Juice Plus+

The way of growth that Juice Plus+ has is quite impressive. In 1984 it started selling 1200 bottles, boxes and jars. And today its 15’000 products per day. So within 25 years the growth has exploded: Today Juice plus sells almost 5.5 Million bottles per year. This makes a growth of by 4’500 times the value of 1984. And the goal is to go even higher. Is there a potential to reach selling up to 1,8 Billion bottles per day? Dan Holzmann believes without a doubt that there is.

To reach these goals, the company needs to come up with products that are valuable. There will not be quick fixes – the said goal is to change behaviors. The vision is to sustainably change people’s behavior towards a healthy life.

In terms of expansion, Juice Plus+ is looking for markets like Dubai, China, Nigeria and Far Easter countries like Singapore. Within the next five years, Dan Holzmann would like to open ten new markets. This is the Wikipedia story of Dan Holzmann.

Dan Holzmann

The drivers of success are the people

Juice Plus+ is about the people. And so it won’t be just the decision of the CEO that will make these goals come true. It’s about every single employee and his decision to contribute to the success of the company. Everyone has to ask himself or herself if he or she is ready to commit to the said goals. So a very personal decision has to be taken.

The first step is to change the perspective. People have to be strong and when they are strong enough, they can change the life of their kin, people close to them and then every one else. A scientifically proven products exists, a working marketing model is in place and the leadership is backing every move towards achieving the set goals. The people at Juice Plus+ have all the support they can possibly ask for. Now it’s just about saying yes to this unique possibility. The possibility to push forward and reaching the 1% goal.

Juice Plus+is-about-the-people
Juice Plus+ is about the people

At Juice Plus+ everything is there in front of everyone to grab for: health, goals, freedom, quality of life. Trust, family, friends, community. All Dan Holzmann ask is to declare oneself independent. And Grab the chance.

You hopefully enjoyed this wiki article about Dan Holzmann. Stay tuned for more content!

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