How Juice Plus changed my life

How Juice Plus changed my life


God operates differently than expected

Good morning! This is a very unusual video for me to do. Have you ever had peace about something and yet been nervous at the same time? I have peace from the Lord that what I want to share with you right now. However, I’m a little nervous at how people will receive it and that’s what I have to be careful of. Because it involves some natural things which I talk about all the time. God operates out of the natural.

I’m a hundred percent believer that we are a body, soul, and spirit and I can prove it by myself. Your spirit man is only as good as your physical man. Now let me prove this.

How Juice Plus changed my life
How Juice Plus changed my life

Suppose God gave you a real strong message to minister two thousand people that would save their lives, but you were so sick that you were throwing up and you couldn’t even get away from the bathroom. And somebody said are you ready to share that? and all you can say is: uh! That tells me right there that your body has just overcome your spirit man. Now if your body was in full healthy shape you could turn around and say I’m ready to go and let the Holy Spirit flow through you and the anointing kick in and a thousand people be saved.

That’s as simple as that. You take that and multiply that by twenty-four hours a day and count how many people are sick. And it bothers me tremendously that I got cancer. That tremendously bothered me because my testimony was: I was above that! However, I was presuming instead of having real faith. Now my faith is kicking in but God is showing me some of the things that I completely neglected. And I threw out all this health stuff and everything and I said: Nah it’s nothing! God will do it! God will do it supernaturally!


God uses natural things

He’s taught me a lesson: He uses other things that are natural!

Then when I looked into some of the things that are going on with all of the food and Monsanto’s corporation and all of the pesticides and then making the genetically modified foods that don’t produce seeds that are absolutely against creation. There’s much against creation as marriage between two men. That’s not what God created, God created it to every herb and every tree to produce after its kind to have its own seed. Well this Corporation has come up so that they are seedless and you have to come back to them to buy whatever thing it is that they produce to get that fruit or vegetable that’s supposedly not bothered by insects, but the whole thing is money, money, money because the fruit and the vegetables are not pure at all.

Dan holzmann juice plus

So I have to say this: I came down here in a very, very weakened condition.

To the place where when I got on the plane I had to have a wheelchair. Then, when they met me here at hospice came over and I had to have wheelchairs and I had to hang on to everything and I got to the place where the longest distance I could walk was from my bedroom to about 200 feet to the pool. And get in the pool for a couple hours and just move my legs and that to try to keep some kind of muscle in my legs. Because I knew that once the muscle is gone there’s not much you can do. it’s all downhill from there.

You start losing weight, you can’t walk and all that. So one day I’m sitting in the living room and a friend of my daughter Melody walks in and she comes over and she has her son with her. They came over on a completely different item and all together, to see Melody.

But her son has been in a wheelchair all his life and she introduced me to Sam. Sam was an awesome, awesome boy. Her name is Wendy, and we started talking and she never mentioned anything that she does on the side. And as she was talking about all of this she asked me about my condition and everything. And that I heard her talking about Sam. That Sam was going to have, I heard several, maybe a hundred operations, I forgot how many it was, but a phenomenal amount in his short life of 16 years. But they wanted to put rods in his legs and they said his bones would never ever stand it, they will be just like brittle and break because he hasn’t used them all his life.

The positive impact of Juice Plus

Well, they went ahead and they did x-rays and they found out that his legs were amazing. They were just like a boy that had walked all his life.

And they said: Whatever you’re doing, keep it up! And she said: All I’m doing and all I’ve done is I belong to an organization called Juice Plus. Now here’s, this sounds like an ad, but it’s not! It is Juice Plus! And I started listening and there were three types of Juice Plus that had to go together, and these Juice Plusses were not supplements but they were nutrition.

I thought it’s all the same thing. So I started listening to all of this and she said that these things do tremendously in the body because they build up every cell in the body.

As a matter of fact, they say you could actually live off of this, but it’s not enough bulk so you have to have food for bulk.

The positive impact of Juice Plus

So that all made sense because I was familiar with some of that type of talk. And then she started talking about the spiritual end of it, that her whole goal and the goal of this company, which is a Christian company basically, the whole goal was to get people healthy so they could fulfill the call of God in their life. That was my whole thing, that caught my attention right there, that really did it. So I said: I’ll take it! I’ll take it, whatever it is I’ll take it!

I’m on Social Security so I don’t have a lot of funds and stuff coming in, but father always multiplies! He always takes care of me! So I said: sign me up!

And ended up being I think it was about $76 a month automatic. However, I know how many thousand dollars in insurance they were covering on this cancer stuff that was going downhill fast. So I started taking it, she didn’t hide anything, that’s what was impressive to me and she wanted to know all the details, every time I did anything or whatever. She was interested in me! I love that about it! It was me, not into the product.

Juice Plus is number one!

She’s talking about this stuff to me and it was so interesting: A girl that I had taught, I won’t use her name right now because I haven’t got permission yet, but a girl that I had taught in high school 30-some years ago called me up on a totally unrelated thing, this is now the same weekend.

Juice Plus is number one!

She texts me, she’s read a blog and talked about me when I used to be at New Life Ministries. 30-some years ago I taught her in class and I taught a person that she had mentioned me to and it was all about this person. Then I come to find out that she lives also in Florida and that she has a health company that she owns. And this health company that she owns is a company that has a machine that tests you and that machine tells how your body is accepting the things that you are taking in nutrition whatever it is and what you need and why you are like you are. Sounded very impressive. And she’s still scheduled, I guess to come up and have a cup of coffee with me or whatever but it’ll be good to see her again.

However, this is the point! She knows nothing about anything I’m doing. She said! Are you taking anything now dealing with this cancer?

And I said: I just started on something and I think it comes out really good, it looks good, it’s called Juice Plus. She said: Well, the company that I have is connected with a larger organization to study all of the things that come out around the world because they want the best, and guess what: Juice Plus is number one!

Connecting the dots

Calling a few hours after this lady introduces it to me! And I said: Father are you trying to get a message across to me? Well, Wendy said it’s gonna take about two months for all of this to kick into your body and to build up. Now remember, Sam had been taking it for a couple years, but to make a difference in me.

Connecting the dots

Now, I am watching this, I am trusting the Lord, I’m throwing out everything now that has been told to me about doctors and everything and I’m coming into a whole new faith thing. And I’m throwing out the whole idea that natural things can’t help because I know they can.

Significant changes

God takes the spiritual and he affects the natural with it, we know that. So, now let me take it a little further. Now I said: Sign me up! I want to do it. I’m gonna do this. So I started that. Now let me show you I am free! I’m free to walk around. I have the only discomfort in the back of my legs. And the reason I have discomfort in the back of my legs is that I haven’t used my muscles in three months. I have been walking, walking, walking and now I went and I worked this morning. I did some work in the in the lawn a little bit this morning and I’m a little bit sore but I know the difference between bone pain, which I had severely before, and muscle pain. This is all on the surface. It’s muscle pain. I like it!

Because these guys, like my son-in-law and my daughter who are into gymnastics and things they call it, make it burn. I guess that’s what I’m doing. And they laugh at me when I walk off. I walked on the other day a half a mile. I walked down the beach, I picked up things, that stuff. I couldn’t even walk. Period!

Thanks to the Lord!

I give credit to the Lord! I give credit to the Lord for this stuff here! I didn’t see it that way before and I saw, anytime I would mention Juice Plus let’s giving credit to that! No, no I can take this and say: Father not only brought Wendy in and introduced this to me in a physical way, but he also sends in this girl that I haven’t seen in 30 years to confirm it. I take it and it does what it says it’s doing! How can that not be God! I don’t know man I just do it!

Thanks to the Lord

It’s not about the money

So now look, here’s the part that I hesitate. I am using this as a marker, as a progress. The part I hesitate with you is that this is a multi-level-marketing network (MLM). In other words, I would make money if you bought this. That makes me nervous, because I don’t want anybody to think that I am in a sales business and I don’t want anybody to think when Jim Hamm really comes around, or he says something, or he writes a blog, or whatever that has anything to do with you buying that I am making money off you, that’s the part I want to make sure that everybody knows I am NOT in it for that! If you want to buy this and take this and give the credit to somebody else, awesome, awesome, I want you healthy and if this will help you. I’m seeing so many of my friends got cancer, got sickness, they’re paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars in insurance. if we can stay healthy, give the glory to God, because he put a product in our hands and if it happens to be that you don’t care if I make some money above that, because this money, I’m telling you, it’s not going to me, I don’t need any more. This money is going out to the missions.

Thank God for Juice Plus

If you are in any way interested in this, you can contact Wendy. I’ll put a tape on this so that you can contact her. I really, really, really want to recommend this for people that are talking so much about suffering physically. If God’s got a plan for you and he’s got a product out here and it’s all pure and it’s something that he is producing and people are being benefited by it because of the kingdom, then I want to introduce it! Juice Plus!

Thank God for Juice Plus

I love you and I pray with all my heart you take this as purely a brother from the Lord sharing a kingdom principle. I love you! God bless!


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